Dallas Cowboys: Momentary finality with Jamal Adams is a good thing

The Dallas Cowboys were in the mix for the services of safety, Jamal Adams. Traded from the Jets to Seattle, the finality in any conclusion is a good thing.

The Dallas Cowboys were a player in the Jamal Adams sweepstakes. Heck, and according to the thoughts of some, which included many of us Cowboys fans, they were the leading vote-getter in the clubhouse to land the talented defensive back.

If you listen to or read any of the news, especially that in which Adams himself creates with his own thoughts and rhetoric, it was almost certain that he would land with Cowboys. Well, he didn’t.

And while I will be the first to tell you that I wanted him here, which would have been awesome if you ask me, the finality of any conclusion is a good thing and that includes this conclusion. Look, would I have much rather he come to Dallas in the end of it all to bring some sort of ending to the whole thing for now, of course, but he didn’t.

With a team such as the Cowboys, who already have to deal with the fact that they are the Dallas Cowboys on a year in and year out basis, you like that you get one thing off the table, so to speak. Follow me here.

With Dak Prescott‘s contract scenario, you have one thing that’ll get airtime all season long. When you add in how the league will function among the current world situation in the pandemic, the social justice issues/causes, potential curve balls surrounding Jerry Jones’ lack of statement or response, a new coach, a bounce back attempt by the team, a slew of other happeningsand the typical haywire of an NFL season, one less distraction can only be a good thing.

The Dallas Cowboys did not land Jamal Adams. Although unfortunate, it does make for one less distraction to be dealt with.

It also gives the team a somewhat open mind about looking at what they have there as oppose to always be looking towards or slobbering about a potential Jamal Adams deal, not that they would be that unfocused on the task at hand, but hypothetically. Talent is always at a premium and you never know what might cross one’s mind after a bad play or game by a player in the defensive backfield.

You also look specifically at a guy like Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, who although currently on a one-year deal, could turn out to be one of the best long-term options for the Cowboys. His price tag could turn out to be a decent one on a longer deal after this season and if he plays admirably, the Cowboys would have no logical choice but to inquire about a longer-term co-op with Clinton-Dix.

Here’s the thing though. Note the headline, where it says “momentary finality”, as anything could happen with a guy like Adams. Even still and if things all go peachy with him in Seattle, he is still slated to be a free agent after the 2021 season at this very moment, so the chatter is bound to start up again.

Again though, for right now, it is all good for the Cowboys. While we would have liked to see him in Dallas laundry, it was not to be. But the subtraction of the huge distraction that was his potential movement can only serve to help the Cowboys this coming season, one way or another.