Jerry Jones silence could alienate Cowboys fanbase

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones (Photo by Al Pereira/Getty Images)
Cowboys owner Jerry Jones (Photo by Al Pereira/Getty Images) /

Will Jerry Jones remaining silent on protests cause a rift with fans?

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has yet to say anything about the current social situation when everyone including Roger Goodell has. It’s divisive, at best.

The Dallas Cowboys are one of the more popular organizations inside of a group entity which represents something that has for so long been categorized as an arena where we could all come together as people and support our teammates. That is what sports, especially football, is supposed to be.

With the recent social unrest in America that was further ignited by the now-charged murder of Geroge Floyd that seems to be rocking the realizations of some of our fellow citizens, you have seen a slew of constant and almost immediate reactions. One of the more significant of those reactions was made by owner-appointed NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

In his statement, the commissioner admitted that when it came to listening to the protests and statements made by players like Colin Kaepernick on police brutality, they “were wrong for not listening to NFL players earlier”.

Goodell wasn’t alone or used as the mouthpiece here either, as many teams or owners took to making statements, some better than others but statements regardless. One owner that hasn’t muttered a word is Jerry Jones.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones should have spoken up by now.

While it may seem difficult due to his status of being a known supporter of the President of the United States, being responsible for a million of the $7.7 million total dollars that the NFL gave to Donald Trump’s inauguration, that makes it that much more imperative that he should have said something of note by now.

As Shalise Manza Young of Yahoo Sports put it, he “has never had a problem sharing his opinion, so why is he quiet following George Floyd’s death?” Former NFL player and current ESPN analyst Ryan Clark views it all the same way.

With as many players of color that have put it all on the line for the Cowboys or continue to do — and many of those same players Jerry Jones seems so fond of and also seem so fond of him — and for as many people of color who proudly uphold that star in support of their beloved Cowboys, and for all those people who fit into the above categories that are not black or brown but care about the lives, liberties, and rights of people of color, there should have been something said by Jerry Jones by now.

Jerry Jones is the owner of not only the most famous NFL team in the league but one of the most known and revered sports franchises in the world. Combine that with the many black and brown people who have broken their bodies to make the Cowboys brand what it is.

You could look at it two ways. Either he is bound by some sort of agreement that he took with the league, having to sort out the details of what his statement and position would look like or amount to, or it’s just that he is being stubborn and is doing exactly what we think he’s doing.

Dez Bryant has defended him recently, sort of, against the criticisms of Richard Sherman, who also insinuated that his silence spoke volumes. Dak Prescott has even come out with his own statement and declarations. Jerry Jones though, the owner of America’s Team, has said nothing.

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And personally, from someone who really struggles with the whole thing as the days of silence continue to pile on top of one another, it’s starting to possibly alienate some of the team’s biggest fans.

Yes, that may eventually include me.