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Jerry Trotta, Editor

Jerry Trotta is an Associate Editor for FanSided, and has covered the NFL, NBA, and MLB for Minute Media for three years. He is the current Editor for the Washington Commanders on Riggo's Rag and also covers the Colts, Chargers, Cowboys, Lakers, as well as other teams.

Adam Weinrib, Editor

Adam Weinrib is a Content Director on the FanSided network, and has been the co-editor at Yanks Go Yard and Dodgers Way for nearly 3 years. He also hosts the sports/comedy podcast SportFire on the FanSided Podcast Network, and co-captains the Yanks Go Yard Podcast. Previously, he was a Senior Editor at 12up.com, and has been covering MLB and NFL for six years. Previously, he was a headline and features contributor at ClickHole and Onion Sports, as well as the Associate Producer of the ESPN 30 for 30 film "Believeland". An avowed fan of the New York sports teams -- specifically the Yankees -- as well as the North Carolina Tar Heels, you can find Adam complaining mid-game on Twitter, as well as on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn if the game goes really poorly.

Randy Gurzi, Contributor

Randy Gurzi joined Fansided in 2014 and is an Arizona State Alumnus, with a major in Film and Media Studies. A lover of all sports, but true football fan first. Besides sports Gurzi also spends his time watching TV, movies and writing screenplays.

Joey Pollizze, Contributor

Hello everyone! My name is Joey Pollizze and I am a part of The Landry Hat here at Fansided. I have been a Cowboys fan since I was born. I am also a Bulls and Cubs fan too.

Terence Watson, Contributor

I'm a lifelong Dallas Cowboys and Texas A&M fan from San Antonio, TX now living deep in Washington Commander territory. I still represent the Cowboys even though I'm here. Now when it comes to my articles you will see that I seek answers by analyzing stats while also sharing my take on issues regarding the Cowboys and the entire NFL.

Maitland Rutledge, Contributor

Texas Tech graduate, photojournalist in local TV news and a huge Red Raiders and Dallas Cowboys fan. Always love talking sports, especially Tech football and the Cowboys.

Reid Hanson, Contributor

Reid Hanson is an economist, editor, sports columnist, beer aficionado and Pit Master of the award-winning, Jolly Roger Bar-B-Crew. A sportswriter for over a decade, Reid is interested in breaking down game film, teaching detailed concepts, and busting myths by using analytics. Reid Hanson can be reached on Twitter @ReidDHanson of by email at permaximum@hotmail.com

Desmond Ordonez, Contributor

I am an aspiring full-time journalist from Boise, Idaho. An avid Dallas Cowboys fan, I consider myself lucky to be a part of Landry Hat. In the past, I have written for three local platforms in Idaho. They are, 247 Bronco Country, Prep Hoops Idaho and Boise's The Arbiter Newspaper. I also enjoy working on my own personal blog and podcast; named the "Its My Turn to Talk" page. I am eager to grow with the FanSided family.


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