Dallas Cowboys: Why Ha Ha Clinton-Dix might end up being the best move

Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, Chicago Bears (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)
Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, Chicago Bears (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) /

The Dallas Cowboys signed Ha Ha Clinton-Dix and he might end up being their best move.

The Dallas Cowboys are a team that typically lives by the slogan of going big or going home. In the past, they’ve been one of the teams that would be most likely to go after the big name that just hit the market or the most high profile player available.

While that still may be the case, they made a move this season that didn’t quite fit that bill. While his most recent desires to be moved were yet to be voiced, the Dallas Cowboys knew about and could have made a play for Jamal Adams, but didn’t.

Instead of potentially gutting their tool chest of resources and assets for the dynamic New York Jets safety, they chose to go with a safer option. That is where Ha Ha Clinton-Dix comes into the fold.

A six years NFL veteran, Clinton-Dix comes to Dallas off of a year in Chicago, before a half-year spent in Washington as a result of a trade from his originally drafted team in Green Bay. Yes, that inevitably means a reunion with his former head coach, Mike McCarthy.

While that is a part of the reason, that isn’t even the biggest reason why the Clinton-Dix signing was a no-lose situation. In fact, here’s why his signing might end up being the best move the Cowboys made this offseason.

The Dallas Cowboys went with a veteran safety familiar to Mike McCarthy

When you look at Clinton-Dix, he has pretty good size for the safety position at 6-foot-1. He also has the versatility that you look for when thinking about his ability to man either of the safety positions in the defensive backfield.

You also love the fact that he has displayed a considerable amount of range. This is shown in not only his ability to be all over the field, his nose for the ball because he is everywhere, but also in his ability to track the ball down for picks.

With a total of 16 across his career, he should immediately become the premier ballhawk on the Cowboys defense when the chances arise. His playmaking and willingness to take risks is the exact opposite of what will probably make him the best pickup though.

Even though the Cowboys have lacked and need that threat of having a backend of the secondary capable of picking opposing quarterbacks off at any moment, they most need consistency and someone they can count on from week to week.

They need a guy that through it all, turnovers, takeaways, or none at all, can continually line up and be a presence there.  At the very least, be a guy who won’t ever let the random deep ball just casually fly over his head with regularity, as we have watched some of these Cowboys secondaries do over the past few years.

Though he has also shown that he can have momentary lapses, looking for the big hit or big takeaway, he has also shown an ability to be a disciplined anchor on the backside of a defense.

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That is why Ha Ha Clinton-Dix will probably end up as the best signing. He is a safe and consistent player, with combustible playmaking ability.