Dallas Cowboys: Jamal Adams continues to stoke trade fires

Jamal Adams, New York Jets (Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images)
Jamal Adams, New York Jets (Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images) /

Will Jamal Adams finally make it to the Dallas Cowboys, because he’s apparently ‘trying’

The Dallas Cowboys will always be in the rumor mills. It simply comes with the territory.

From name to name, if there is ever a big one to hit the market, then you can almost bet your bottom dollar that America’s Team will find their name somewhere in the mix. In fact, the name doesn’t even have to be the one of a player that’s available, in the most traditional sense.

That is something that I think we all knew by now, but in case we had forgotten, we are being reminded of it all right now. Yes, I am talking about the continuously developing Jamal Adams saga.

Making it known again at the end of last week that he does indeed still want out of New York, preferably to one of seven teams on his preferred list that does include the Dallas Cowboys (of course), Adams seems dead set on finally making it happen this time.

The Dallas Cowboys and Jamal Adams are in heavy mutual rotation these days. This video probably only increases the frequency of occurrence.

As if the continued bludgeoning of reports wasn’t enough to seal the deal on the disintegrating of the New York Jets and Jamal Adam’s relationship, there is new footage that might just be the one. Here it is, per the twitter account of user Jackson Velasquez, the assumed owner of the other voice we hear in the video.

Well, there you have it for yourself and for us all to hear. When asked if he plans to come to Dallas, Adams simply responds, “I’m trying”.

Simple, but direct. Short, but sweet.

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*Paging Joe Douglas, the current general manager of the Jets, as this is something he should probably see. Well, it doesn’t matter that much in all likelihood as if Adams is this open about his desires in public, we can guarantee you that Douglas and company already know.

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The Dallas Cowboys have other things to focus on as well, such as getting Dak Prescott locked into a long-term deal, but Adams seems pretty set on making this one easy for America’s Team. Let’s hope it possibly works out as simple as he is making it seems.