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Ten Questions about the Cowboys vs. 49ers with the Editor of “Niner Noise”

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6. TLH – What’s up with Michael Crabtree? Is he an elite wide receiver?

EM – Crabtree has a diva mentality and I think that hurts his commitment from time to time.  Unfortunately for the 49ers Crabtree’s commitment suffers in the preseason as he has never played in preseason game in his three year career.  In his first season he held out for a bigger contract and the last two seasons he has been hurt.  Last preseason Vernon Davis got into a shouting match with Crabtree questioning how serious his injury was and his commitment to the team.  This preseason he had a broken foot which seemed to be legit although he was healed in time to play in the season opener.  Since last preseason the Davis/Crabtree confrontation has always stuck in my mind and showed me he who Crabtree really is.   He is a receiver who can contribute from time to time but I doubt he will become the elite wide receiver 49ers fans thought he would be when he was selected tenth overall in 2009.

7. TLH – Special teams played a big role in your victory against the Seahawks. Do you see this trend continuing?

EM – When Harbaugh was hired he brought in Brad Seely and his 20 years of NFL experience to be the special teams coordinator.  Special teams coordinators don’t get a lot of recognition but Seely is one of the best in the NFL.  He spent the last two seasons with the Cleveland Browns where he groomed Josh Cribbs into the return stud he is today.  Seely looks as if he is doing that now with Ted Ginn Jr.  Ginn Jr. has always had the speed and talent to be a great returner.  With Seely, Ginn Jr. now has the right coach which means the special teams will continue to play a big role for the 49ers.  We may not see two returns for a touchdown in the game but the return game will help the offense by shortening the field.