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Ten Questions about the Cowboys vs. 49ers with the Editor of “Niner Noise”

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8. TLH – Is the 49ers biggest weakness it’s offensive line?

EM – During the preseason it seemed as if the 49ers biggest weakness was the offensive line but it turned out it was more of communication problems than a lack of talent.  The 49ers are full of talent on the line and last week against the Seahawks they showed they can protect the QB as they gave up zero sacks and the offense caused zero turnovers.  Harbaugh has taught Smith to quickly read through his progressions and if the receivers are not open to run the football as he had seven rush attempts last week.  The longer Smith holds onto the football the harder he makes the job for the offensive line to protect him.   Still the 49ers offensive line needs to do a better job of opening up running lanes for the RB’s as the team only had 85 rushing yards.

9. TLH – What’s your prediction for the game?

EM – The game will be close and will come down to the final quarter with the 49ers down by two touchdowns.  The 49ers will try to pass their way to win but in the end the Cowboys defense will be too much for the 49ers to pull off the upset.  Final score: Cowboys 27 49ers 17

10. TLH – The 49ers have not had a playoff berth since 2002. Will they make the playoffs this year?

EM – The four teams in the NFC West all upgraded since last season however the division is still the weakest in the NFL.  Because of that the 49ers only chance to make the playoffs this season is by winning their division with a 7-9 or 8-8 record.  The Seahawks won the division last season with a losing record but that was when the NFC West was the NFC Worst.  The 49ers chances are slim winning the division this season with a 7-9 or 8-8 record.  The 49ers will start the first half of the season slow and with a losing record.  In the second half of the season they will put together winning streaks but it will not be enough to overcome the play in the first half of the season and cause the 49ers to miss the playoffs again.

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