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Ten Questions about the Cowboys vs. 49ers with the Editor of “Niner Noise”

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4. TLH – How do you think the 49ers defense stacks up against the Cowboy’s offense?

EM – One of the strong points for the 49ers in the past few seasons has been the defense and that is true again this year.  Last week defensive coordinator Vic Fangio unleashed his defense on Seahawks quarterback Tarvaris Jackson with lots of blitz’s that caused  turnovers and havoc.  Fangio blitzed often not because the 49ers were facing a mediocre quarterback starting his first game with a new team but because this is the type of defense he will run.  I think for the 49ers to have a chance of pulling off the upset over the Cowboys it will be because of pressure on Tony Romo and the 49ers defense causing turnovers.  Turnovers will give the 49ers offense a shorter distance to score which will hopefully be touchdowns and not field goals.  The Cowboys one weakness on offense is the offensive line which the 49ers defense can exploit with blitz.  The 49ers secondary has improved over last season so I think they can handle the Cowboys receivers if the 49ers front seven on defense can pressure Romo quickly.

5. TLH – Braylon Edwards had 3 catches of 27 yards on Sunday. How would you grade his 49er debut?

EM – I gave Edwards’ performance a D last Sunday.  I did not expect much from him or the 49ers passing game as it was the 49ers first game of the season.  Edwards like the rest of the team is still getting comfortable with the offense but I will expect more from Edwards as the season goes on.  Edwards has what it takes to be a number one receiver for 49ers, which is something they have lacked since the days of Terrell Owens.