5 bold predictions as Cowboys face the Patriots in Week 4

• Zeke who?

• Dak Prescott looks better with healthier OL

• Micah Parsons will re-assert his dominance

New York Jets v Dallas Cowboys
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2. Dak Prescott looks better with more starting linemen

Dak Prescott was one of the many players who was frustrated after the loss this past weekend and he even had a statement that was less than ideal.

When asked if the loss was a wake up call, he stated that the media "got what they wanted" when the Cowboys lost.

On one hand, it's easy to see where Prescott is coming from. He takes a lot of grief from the media, even being blamed for a 12-point loss where he was without three starting offensive linemen and the defense couldn't stop a nosebleed. While it's true he had a bad interception at the end of the game, he was pressing at that point and it was far from the reason they lost — but you couldn't tell this by the coverage it received.

Having said that, as the face of the franchise — especially the most visible franchise in all of sports — you cannot say such things. Prescott instead needed to keep it from sounding as though he was lashing out at the media in frustration. Sure, he's human but by now, he has to know that such comments will be gasoline on a fire.

The good thing is that the Cowboys can silence the critics with a win on Sunday. And in this final bold prediction, Prescott has a much better game and is able to push the ball downfield with a healthier offensive line. He might not have all five starters back but having more than 40 percent of the starters out there will do wonders for his confidence.