Cowboys' Dak Prescott picked awful time to flame media after loss vs Cardinals

Dallas Cowboys v Arizona Cardinals
Dallas Cowboys v Arizona Cardinals / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

The Dallas Cowboys are no longer living on cloud nine after their humbling loss against the previously-winless Arizona Cardinals.

This reeked of a letdown game, but the first two games of the season indicated this version of the Cowboys wouldn't succumb to the bait. Alas, Dak Prescott and the offense were rendered useless once they entered the red zone and the so-called "generational" defense made Josh Dobbs look like Patrick Mahomes.

In a vacuum, Prescott isn't to blame for the loss. He completed 62.5% of his passes for 249 yards playing behind three backup offensive linemen. His fourth quarter interception was ugly (to say the least), but Prescott wasn't close to one of the top reasons why Dallas lost on Sunday.

Prescott needs to be more clinical in the red zone, but that's very clearly a Mike McCarthy problem first and foremost than it is a QB issue.

Unfortunately, though, Dak subjected himself to criticism with a baffling postgame quote.

Cowboys QB Dak Prescott wrongfully flamed the media after Cardinals loss.

Prescott is clearly angry and hopefully the same can be said for the entire locker room, but going after the media after that performance is a weird look.

He faulted the media for thinking too highly of the Cowboys -- when Micah Parsons and others used terms like "generational" and "Doomsday" to describe the defense -- but also suggested the media is waiting on their downfall.

It's not like Prescott to contradict himself like this. Everyone knows the media's coverage of the Cowboys isn't consistent. It varies from week-to-week.

It couldn't help but praise Dallas after they won by a combined 70-10 in the first two games and Prescott isn't wrong to suggest folks would jump at the chance to eviscerate the team the second it crashed back down to earth.

The bit about the media putting the Cowboys "on top of the world" is where Prescott had us scratching our head. Parsons and several other players in the locker room put Dallas on a pedestal after its 2-0 start and allowed the media to run with the "best team in the league" narrative.

Take aim at the media when it gives more coverage to Prescott's fourth quarter pick than the Broncos allowing 70 points to the Dolphins, or when it glosses over Josh Allen's reckless style of play and turnover issues.

All Prescott did was insinuate the media overrated Dallas after two weeks, which is crazy because they won by a combined 60 points.

Maybe the Cowboys remained grounded after the hot start, but the actions of Parsons, Jayron Kearse and others suggested otherwise and Sunday's performance was that of a team that thought it would win by simply showing up.

Credit to Prescott for taking accountability for the red zone woes, but this quote will only subject him to more criticism from the media ... when he was already going to be no lower than second regardless of how he performed.

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