Refs bail out Cowboys with questionable roughing the passer call before big TD

The refs made their presence felt before halftime of Cowboys-Jets in Week 2.
New York Jets v Dallas Cowboys
New York Jets v Dallas Cowboys / Richard Rodriguez/GettyImages

Dallas Cowboys fans have to be pleased with the team's first half performance against the Aaron Rodgers-less New York Jets.

The energy in AT&T Stadium was deflated after Garrett Wilson broke free for a 68-yard touchdown, which was buoyed by a missed tackle from Malik Hooker, just as the Cowboys were cruising. Thankfully, the offense responded with a late TD for some much-needed breathing room.

The Jets' defense held strong once Dallas entered the red zone, but a lack of discipline from multiple players proved costly before Luke Schoonmaker's touchdown.

On 3rd and 7, Dak Prescott threw incomplete to CeeDee Lamb. It looked like Dallas would have to settle for a field goal, but refs determined that John Franklin-Myers hit Prescott low and flagged the DE for roughing the passer to extend the drive.

Refs extend Cowboys drive with roughing the passer penalty on Dak Prescott before big TD.

That's a tough call on Franklin-Myers, who hit Prescott only where his momentum would allow him while being dragged down by Terence Steele. There's nothing Franklin-Myers could have done, but he hit Prescott low and the NFL has tried in earnest to remove that play from the game altogether.

If anything, hate the rule. By no means did the Jets pass rusher "rough" the passer. Perhaps the league should consider a name change because there's a distinct difference between a low hit and roughing the passer.

Either way, you can argue the Cowboys were bailed out by this call. After a couple more Jets penalties -- including another questionable roughing call on Michael Clemons and a brutal DPI in the end zone on 3rd down -- Prescott connected with rookie tight end Luke Schoonmaker from one yard out for six.

What a moment for Schoonmaker, but the story -- as it is too often in the NFL -- is the penalty and the referees. On second watch, there wasn't much in the tackle on Prescott. Franklin-Myers' momentum drove him into the QB, which caused an awkward fall.

It was the right call, but one what will be a talking point on national shows if the Cowboys go on to win by a touchdown.

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