Watch Micah Parsons trash-talk CeeDee Lamb for getting caught on long reception vs Giants

Micah Parsons called out CeeDee Lamb's speed on the Cowboys sideline in Week 1.

Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants
Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

The vibes in Dallas are immaculate after the Cowboys rolled over the Giants 40-0 in the season-opener. While the Cowboys have put the win in the rearview and are focused on the Aaron Rodgers-less Jets in Week 2, fans are still riding off the high from the biggest shutout win in franchise history.

How could they not? Micah Parsons and the defensive front were unblockable all night and the offense was sneakily efficient even though Mike McCarthy called a conservative game since the defense was balling out.

Before fans close the book on Week 1, the Cowboys just released their weekly "Sounds from the Sideline" video. The highlights include Dak Prescott breaking down the pregame huddle with a zealous speech and teammates gassing each other up after a big play.

In a unique twist, Parsons had some criticism for CeeDee Lamb after Lamb was flagged down by Giants cornerback Adoree Jackson on his 49-yard catch-and-run in the first quarter. Parsons brought Lamb's speed into question and was adamant he would've taken the pass to the house for a touchdown.

Fast forward to the 2:40 mark of the video for this hilarious interaction.

Cowboys Micah Parsons flames CeeDee Lamb for not taking long reception for TD vs Giants

Credit to the Cowboys video production team. This is outstanding work.

After Parsons said he wouldn't have been caught, Jayron Kearse chimed in and acknowledged Jackon's speed. The CBs' 4.42 40-yard dash at the 2017 scouting combine was among the fastest times regardless of position.

Parsons agreed with the veteran Kearse, then proceeded to let Lamb hear it when the offense returned to the sideline, because of course he did. "You were supposed to get out of there," Parsons said. A chuckling Lamb took the trash talk in stride, but pushed back by pointing out it was his first touch of the season.

You be the judge.

That's a fair comeback from Lamb. Of course Parsons would expect the All-Pro to reach maximum sprint speed on his first touch of the season. That's how Parsons is wired, but Lamb also had to overcome a rain-soaked turf.

Here's how it played out in real time, via David Helman of Fox Sports.

This is as good as it gets. Lamb knows Parsons was just messing around, but Parsons is also demanding the very best of his teammates.

If Lamb didn't uncork a filthy stutter step to evade the first Giants defender, he would've gone untouched into the end zone. The slight pause allowed an already-sprinting Jackson to close the gap and force Lamb out of bounds.

Parsons really has no chill, but we already knew that.

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