Ranking the 5 best teams in NFC after Cowboys Week 5 loss

Dallas Cowboys v San Francisco 49ers
Dallas Cowboys v San Francisco 49ers / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages
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2. Philadelphia Eagles (5-0) 

The winner of the 49ers and Cowboys was going to become the team to beat in the NFC. As great as the Eagles have been this year, there’s no doubt they aren’t the same team from a season ago. 

A win is a win, and the Eagles do remain undefeated. But things haven’t been easy going for them this year. 

They beat the New England Patriots by just five points in Week 1 and then won by one score against the 1-4 Minnesota Vikings. The Chicago Bears also just beat up a Washington Commanders team that Philadelphia needed overtime to win against. 

Again, they’re finding ways to win, which is what good teams do. However, we haven’t seen the blowout victories yet like we saw all of last year from this team. Facing the Jets in Week 6 could finally be that type of game. 

The Eagles are certainly a top team in the NFC and in all of football. But we will finally see the type of team they are with the Miami Dolphins, Chiefs, Dallas Cowboys (twice), Buffalo Bills, and San Francisco 49ers all on the schedule in the next eight weeks.