Predicting NFC East standings after 2024 schedule release

Are the Cowboys in danger of giving up the division title in 2024?
Dallas Cowboys, NFC East
Dallas Cowboys, NFC East / Richard Rodriguez/GettyImages

The 2024 NFL schedule has been released, and just like it always does, the schedule release has paved the way for everyone to start making their big predictions for the 2024 season on a more "official" basis.

Although it's impossible to predict exactly what every team is going to look like in 2024, the Dallas Cowboys figure to have one of the 10 or 11 toughest schedules in the league, including two games against the Philadelphia Eagles in their own division. Over the last two years, everyone but the Washington Commanders has made the playoffs in the NFC East, but how are things going to shake out in the 2024 season?

Let's take a crack at predicting the NFC East standings (from worst to best) now that the schedules have been unveiled.

4. New York Giants (4-13)

In terms of last year's opponent's win percentage, the New York Giants actually have the toughest schedule this year in the NFC East. Again, that's extremely difficult to project year over year but there's no doubt that the Giants are facing a tough slate in 2024. They are going to need to start off hot if they're going to remain relevant throughout the season.

In terms of the overall makeup of this year's Giants team, I just can't get on board with the idea that Daniel Jones is taking them anywhere. And if Drew Lock ends up playing, how's that going to go?

The Giants do have a strong defense and some playmakers offensively, but it feels like they could be one of the worst teams in the league in 2024.

3. Washington Commanders (6-11)

There's a lot of "new" going on with the Washington Commanders in 2024. The Commanders have new ownership, a new general manager (Adam Peters, formerly of the 49ers), a new head coach (Dan Quinn), and a new quarterback (Heisman winner Jayden Daniels). And that's among many other massive changes that were made to this roster as a whole.

This is going to be a reset year for the Commanders overall, but I also view Jayden Daniels as a floor raiser at quarterback and we know that Dan Quinn is going to have that defense playing well week after week. The Commanders might only be a threat to win six or seven games at most, but they could jump up to third in the NFC East in 2024.

2. Dallas Cowboys (10-7)

You hate to be overly negative at this time of year, and I don't mean to be negative with this projection. The gap between the Cowboys and Eagles last year was razor thin, but the Cowboys lost a lot in the 2024 offseason.

Can the Cowboys still beat the Eagles head-to-head? Yes. Over the course of a 17-game season, however, it might get tough to win more games overall. The Cowboys won 12 games last year and I wouldn't be shocked to see that dip to 10 wins in 2024. There were a lot of losses defensively, on the offensive line, and obviously on the coaching staff to think this Cowboys team is going to match or exceed last year's win total.

1. Philadelphia Eagles (12-5)

On the opposite end of the spectrum from the Dallas Cowboys, the Philadelphia Eagles did a lot of adding to their roster this offseason. They not only added to the roster, but they maybe made one of the most important coaching hires of the offseason cycle when they stole Vic Fangio as their defensive coordinator away from the Miami Dolphins.

The addition of Fangio along with Quinyon Mitchell and Cooper DeJean (the Eagles' top two picks in the draft) should substantially improve a defense that regressed worse than almost any other last season. The Eagles have question marks, just like everyone else, but their moves defensively and then the aggressiveness to go out and get Saquon Barkley in free agency should have them at 12 or more wins and back on top of the NFC East in 2024.

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