Micah Parsons' response to George Kittle's NSFW Cowboys shirt won't age well

Dallas Cowboys v San Francisco 49ers
Dallas Cowboys v San Francisco 49ers / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages

The Dallas Cowboys were dominated and humbled by the San Francisco 49ers in Week 5. The humiliating night culminated when 49ers tight end George Kittle scored his third touchdown and unveiled his undershirt to the home fans in the end zone that read "(Expletive) Dallas."

It was the perfect capper to an embarrassing day for the Cowboys and Kittle deserves credit for backing up the shirt with a career performance.

Thankfully, most of the Cowboys -- players and coaches included -- admitted after the 42-10 loss that they were humbled. For whatever reason, though, Micah Parsons refused to concede postgame that San Francisco is the superior team and the fanbase let him hear it.

Parsons continued chirping the 49ers on his podcast, "The Edge" presented by Bleacher Report, when he responded to Kitttle. Parsons voiced his displeasure with Kittle's choice of shirt and criticized the TE for making the matchup "personal."

Parsons added that the 49ers will "laugh now, cry later," hinting at his confidence in the Cowboys beating San Fran if the teams were to meet in the playoffs.

Cowboys' Micah Parsons responds to George Kittle's NSFW shirt directed at Dallas.

Couple things. One, the Cowboys spent weeks gassing up the 49ers matchup.

After Dallas started 2-0 with two blowout victories, CeeDee Lamb said, "Lots of teams are 2-0. Separation comes in Week 5." A handful of other players preached a similar sentiment. Make no mistake: the Cowboys made this matchup personal. Kittle's shirt was merely a response to Dallas' chirping and the fact his 49ers ousted the 'Boys in the last two playoffs.

As for Kittle, he set a new career high with three touchdowns in the game. He pulled a fun stunt against a rival and backed it up as much as he could.

It'd be one thing if Parsons showed up in the game ... but he didn't. He finished with two pressures, zero QB hits, no sacks and a 54.2 player grade, via PFF. It was his least impactful game as a pass-rusher since Week 14 of last season.

Parsons was bound to respond to Kittle's gesture. There's something to be said about Parsons defending his teammates, but he shouldn't write checks his team can't cash. And giving the 49ers more bulletin board material for a potential future rematch in January is very unwise.

San Francisco isn't losing any sleep over the Cowboys. That much is obvious. Should a rematch present itself in the playoffs, though, you can bet Parsons' quotes will have Kittle and the rest of the 49ers motivated to humiliate Dallas for a fourth straight meeting.

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