Jerry Jones reveals Jimmy Johnson will enter Cowboys Ring of Honor (and makes 1 hilarious gaffe)

The Dallas Cowboys reunion has occurred. Finally.
Dallas Cowboys v Carolina Panthers
Dallas Cowboys v Carolina Panthers / David Jensen/GettyImages

The one thing Jerry Jones and Jimmy Johnson seemed to agree on during their live reconciliation on FOX was that they never disagreed about anything at all.

After a pregame meeting on the field prior to the Dallas Cowboys' battle with the Carolina Panthers ramped up speculation, Jones and Johnson hopped live onto FOX to make a very special announcement.

Not only did Johnson and Jones bury the hatchet (revealing that months went by towards the end of Johnson's coaching tenure when they did not talk), but after an extended conversation (which gave Terry Bradshaw "chillbumps"), Jones revealed that the ol' coach would finally be entering the Ring of Honor.

And it would be happening almost immediately. Johnson's ceremony is set for Dec. 30, 2023 -- or, as Jones said live on the air, 1923. Almost like he's been Ring of Honor-worthy for years.

Cowboys Ring of Honor induction for Jimmy Johnson set for Dec. 30, 2023

Despite Jerry sounding like a microwave that defaulted back to factory resets after a particularly stressful Daylight Savings switch, the sentiment was there. Johnson received what he deserved, and Jones relented, ending whatever feud with a long-forgotten origin that had persisted and delayed the inevitable.

That Dec. 30 game features the Lions and Cowboys in primetime, and while it might've been a phenomenal gesture to hold the ceremony during Dallas' annual Thanksgiving game, the juice that such an unveiling might provide to a Cowboys team that needs to topple the Dan Campbell-led Lions could be well worth it.

No need to wait any longer. No need to parse through old photos of Johnson and Jones together on the '64 Arkansas Razorbacks and wonder what went wrong. The moment is here, and included the perfect amount of Jerry Goofs along the way (1).