Watch Cowboys' Jerry Jones royally botch DeMarcus Ware's Ring of Honor ceremony

Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Ceremony
Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Ceremony / Nick Cammett/GettyImages

The Dallas Cowboys enjoyed a dream start in the first half against the LA Rams on Sunday, as they opened a 33-9 halftime lead. Fans couldn't ask for much more from the Cowboys, and their treat continued during the intermission when newly-minted Hall of Famer DeMarcus Ware was inducted into the team's Ring of Honor.

Fittingly, Jerry Jones was on hand to announce Ware's induction. It was Jones who presented Ware for his enshrinement into Canton, so it was only right that Jones was on the field Sunday to punctuate Ware's special moment.

Maybe nerves got the best of Jones, because he royally ruined Ware's ceremony by mistaking the Cowboys legend for current DE DeMarcus Lawrence.

Video of Jones' slip-up was caught by NFL Network's Jane Slater.

Cowboys' Jerry Jones introduced DeMarcus Ware as DeMarcus Lawrence during Ware's Ring of Honor induction

It's an unfortunate look for Jones. The owner is typically precise and calculated behind the microphone, much to the chagrin of the fan base. The good news is Jones swiftly corrected himself and made Ware the center of attention instead of harping on his blunder. More importantly, Ware was unfazed by Jones' mistake.

As evidenced by Jones presenting Ware at the Hall of Fame induction ceremony, Jones and Ware share a close friendship. While Jones will find himself trending for this gaffe, it's going to take a lot more than this to drive a wedge between Jones and the Cowboys' all-time sack leader.

Jones' error was forgotten in a flash, as Ware gave an impassioned speech that got the AT&T Stadium crowd riled up.

Here's Ware trying on his Ring of Honor jacket for the first time.

Jones will have to answer for this to the media and he'll be the brunt of many jokes, but no major damage was done. If anything else, Jones may have foreshadowed his plans to put DeMarcus Lawrence into Dallas' Ring of Honor after the 31-year-old Lawrence calls it a career.

The begs the question of who gets into the Ring first, Lawrence or Jimmy Johnson?

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