ESPN pitches unhinged Cowboys quarterback trade that defies logic

This is embarrassing, even for ESPN standards.
Dallas Cowboys v Los Angeles Rams
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We warned you, but you didn't really need a warning.

Most of the pushback from the Dallas Cowboys' stunning Trey Lance trade stemmed from the speculation that would ensue about Dak Prescott's future. That is obviously trivial in the grand scheme, but there's no arguing that the trade subjects the Cowboys and Prescott to more (nauseating) media coverage.

Some national shows -- like FS1's 'First Things First' -- actually had neutral conversation about the trade. Networks like ESPN, though, took the Jerry Jones bait and are spewing scorching takes left and right.

Former Cowboys DL Chris Canty said on "Get Up" this week that the Lance trade is a sign that Jones is running out of patience with Prescott and Mike McCarthy (?). That's the low-hanging fruit, though. Someone was bound to bite.

Longtime ESPN host Mike Greenberg took it to another level by pitching Matthew Stafford (!) joining the Cowboys next year to mentor Lance.

ESPN's Mike Greenberg thinks the Cowboys will trade for Matthew Stafford to mentor Trey Lance.

Does ESPN ever try when the Cowboys and Prescott are the subject of conversation? We all know the answer to that. We can't fault fans who were close to deleting their app when this notification came through. If you resisted the urge, Greenberg's quote might push you over the edge.

"I could easily see a world a year in which a year from today Dak Prescott is way better off being the quarterback of Tampa, Minnesota or Denver -- or some place where they really want him -- and Matthew Stafford is the starting quarterback of his hometown Dallas Cowboys."

Mike Greenberg

Did Skip Bayless or Colin Cowherd swap places with Greenberg? The ESPN host usually gives objective analysis, but this is utter nonsense. For one, Prescott is wanted in Dallas. The Lance trade doesn't change that. The former No. 3 overall pick is a distant third on the depth chart behind Dak and Cooper Rush.

At best, Lance is added insurance if Prescott's contract negotiations hit a snag.

Even then, the Cowboys would be deranged to move on from the two-time Pro Bowler for Stafford. Now 35 years old, Stafford might have one or two seasons of good football left. He missed eight games last year with a spinal cord contusion and underwent elbow surgery leading up to the start of last season. It's apparent his body is breaking down after it took a beating in Detroit for years.

Greenberg conveniently left out that Prescott has a $59 million cap hit in 2024. It's not within the realm of possibility for the Cowboys to get out of the contract. Meanwhile, Stafford accounts for cap hits of $49.5 million in 2024, $50.5 million in 2025 and $49.5 million in 2026, when he'll be 38 years old.

It's possible Prescott enters next season in a contract year if negotiations go awry, but Stafford quarterbacking the Cowboys in 2024 -- or any year beyond that, for that matter -- isn't happening.

We now have a new entry for worst take of the year. Let's see how long ESPN takes to top it. The smart money says no later than Week 2.

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