Eagles fans spinning Dak Prescott's Trey Lance quote as Cowboys beef is pathetic

Eagles fans are once again trying to paint Dak Prescott as the bad guy.
Jacksonville Jaguars v Dallas Cowboys
Jacksonville Jaguars v Dallas Cowboys / Richard Rodriguez/GettyImages

When the Dallas Cowboys traded for Trey Lance, some fans couldn't help but speculate when it means for Dak Prescott's long-term future.

Prescott is entrenched as the starter in 2023 and most likely next year considering his cap hit will explode from $26.83 million to $59.45 million. An extension -- short or long term -- is the quickest pathway to reducing that 2024 number and the front office has been adamant about wanting to get a deal done.

At the end of the day, the Prescott narrative post-Lance trade is insignificant. The QB will face more scrutiny than ever before, but it reached an unbearable level multiple years ago. What's a little more coverage really going to do?

Just block out the noise. Sounds simple, right?

As for Prescott's thoughts on the trade, he said what you'd expect from a leader. While he was surprised by the deal, Prescott understands the Cowboys are always looking to get better, regardless of position.

That didn't stop Eagles fans from clipping a portion of Prescott's quote that one might interpret as Dak not being fond of the move.

No, Dak Prescott isn't furious at the Cowboys' Trey Lance trade. Sorry, Eagles fans.

Leave it to Eagles fans to try to pit Cowboys fans against their quarterback. Here's Prescott's full quote on the Lance deal, per Jon Machota of The Athletic:

"“I obviously understand that it’s a business. That’s a first-round talent. You always try to make your team better. We’re gonna welcome him as we do any teammate. Hopefully it makes us better. … He seems like a great guy.”"

Is Prescott thrilled with the trade? Probably not. Anytime a team trades for a former No. 3 overall pick, whom Dallas had a second-round grade on in the 2021 draft, that thereby puts added "pressure" on the current starter to perform at a high level, but Prescott is as strong between the ears as any quarterback in the NFL.

Prescott understands the NFL is a business and the Cowboys merely took a low-risk flier on a potential high-end backup if Lance develops accordingly. In a perfect world, Lance gets healthy, improves the intricacies of his game, feasts in preseason next year and Dallas flips him for a second-round pick.

Could Lance become Prescott's successor down the line? That door isn't closed, but the odds are slim at best given where the QBs are in their respective careers. Prescott is cemented as a top-10 guy, while Lance is trying to shed the bust label and prove he can be trusted as a backup in the league.

Again, Prescott likely isn't celebrating the trade, but to depict the above quote as some kind of Cowboys beef is pathetic.

If Prescott didn't sound upbeat in the video, it probably had something to do with the fact Lance's arrival means Will Grier will lose his job. Grier is an awesome teammate and a close friend of Prescott's.

It's well understood that an NFL locker room is a brotherhood and Grier's been a regular in the Cowboys' clubhouse for two years.

If nothing else, Eagles fans are setting the stage for what's to follow from rival fans and the national media as soon as Prescott and the Cowboys hit their first shred of adversity in the upcoming regular season.

Thanks, I guess?