Embracing the Star: The essence of being a Dallas Cowboy, America's Team

A lasting legacy and a tradition unlike any other
A lasting legacy and a tradition unlike any other / Ron Jenkins/GettyImages
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As the NFL’s regular season nears its end, with the playoffs rapidly approaching, the Dallas Cowboys have punched their ticket. While their exact playoff seeding is still undecided, they are in control of their destiny with the possibility of securing the number two seed well within their grasp. The formula for clinching the number two seed is simple: win their week-18 contest against divisional rival, the Washington Commanders, and the Cowboys will be guaranteed an opening round playoff game at AT&T stadium.

The appeal of hosting a playoff game, a spot where they’re currently undefeated at 8-0, and riding a 16-game winning streak, is enough to make any diehard Cowboys glow. They have positioned themselves as a team capable of beating anyone on any given night. The regular season has been eventful for the Cowboys, marked by headlines, MVP discussions, “Here we go’s,” and a mix of skepticism and criticism.

The team and their devoted fanbase have endured some low points including impactful penalties at inopportune times and heavily discussed road woes, while celebrating explosiveness at home, the induction of Jimmy Johnson into the Ring of Honor (finally) and a Week 17 nail-biter ending in victory. Regardless of your position, one thing remains indisputable- the Dallas Cowboys are still America’s Team.

Whether it be home attendance, road attendance, television ratings, franchise value, jersey sales or national headline count, they continue to dominate. Regardless of the critique outlined by media outlets across the country, the Dallas Cowboys franchise stands out as a symbol of tradition, success, and a uniquely polarizing identity. Even if you’re not a fan, you tune into their games, you look up their statistics, you know about their drought. Affectionately hailed as "America's Team," the Cowboys have grown into a marketing machine that has built a cult-like following outside of the confines of the United States and blossomed in neighboring areas like in countries such as Mexico, Great Britain, China, South America, and Europe. The team's international following showcases the universal appeal of the sport and the magnetic pull of the Dallas Cowboys brand.

But what does it truly mean to be a Dallas Cowboy, and why are they considered America's Team?