Cowboys schedule: Predicting the outcome of all 4 remaining games

Are the Dallas Cowboys going to be able to survive the gauntlet to end the 2023 season?
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Week 16: Dallas Cowboys @ Miami Dolphins

Sunday, December 24, 3:25 PM CT

Although the Miami Dolphins have a better record than their AFC West rivals in Buffalo (9-4 this season), I can't help but feel like the Cowboys have a better chance of going into Miami and getting a win than in Buffalo. And I think this could be one of the most entertaining games of the year if it gets to shootout status.

These two teams know how to score the football. The Cowboys have scored 40-plus points a whopping five times this season, and the Dolphins have done it three times. This is a matchup of the two highest-scoring teams in the NFL, and two teams capable of lighting it up at any point in time.

These are also both teams that can hurt you defensively. Although they have been susceptible to some duds throughout the season, both the Cowboys and Dolphins can rush the passer, they can score defensively, and they are well-coached on that side of the ball.

Still, I think Dallas is the more complete team, and even with how great the Dolphins have been at times this season, I trust Dak Prescott and the Dallas offense more to get the job done in a big-time matchup like this.

Prediction: Cowboys win 37-31