Cowboys schedule: Predicting the outcome of all 4 remaining games

Are the Dallas Cowboys going to be able to survive the gauntlet to end the 2023 season?
Dallas Cowboys
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The Dallas Cowboys are obviously riding high after their huge win over the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 14, but that victory -- along with Dallas's hard-fought win over Seattle -- only marked the beginning of the team's most difficult stretch of the season.

Up to this point, the Cowboys have benefitted from one of the easiest schedules in the entire NFL. Among playoff teams, only the Miami Dolphins (more on them later) have had an easier strength of schedule than the Cowboys (.462 opponent win percentage).

But Dallas is about to get tested even further in their final month run to the postseason. How will they come out of it? Are they going to emerge with the top seed in the NFC? Can the Cowboys win out?

What is this team going to show us over the final four weeks of the season? Let's make some picks and score predictions for all of the Cowboys' remaining games.

Week 15: Dallas Cowboys @ Buffalo Bills

Sunday, December 17, 3:25 PM CT

Out of all the games left on the Dallas Cowboys' regular season schedule in 2023, this one might be the toughest. Obviously, the Buffalo Bills don't have the best record of the Cowboys' remaining opponents (7-6) but playing at home in December, they feel like arguably the most dangerous remaining team.

That's not to say the Cowboys can't make quick work of them. I think Dallas is plenty talented enough to beat the Bills, even going on the road, but I can't help but buy this Buffalo team right now. They just won a very close and hard-fought game against the Kansas City Chiefs on the road, and now they have a chance to come home and boost their playoff hopes.

I just feel like Buffalo might be a little too desperate for the Cowboys to get their sixth straight win. This could be a slight slip-up.

Prediction: Bills win 33-30