New angle shows Cowboys' Dak Prescott hilariously troll Eagles defender after QB sneak

Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys
Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys / Richard Rodriguez/GettyImages

Dak Prescott became the MVP favorite after he led the Dallas Cowboys to their biggest regular season win in recent memory on Sunday night.

While Prescott didn't play his best game, he was still excellent based on normal quarterback standards. He completed 24 of 39 passes for 271 yards and two touchdowns to zero interceptions. It's not the eye-popping stat line we've grown accustomed to, but Prescott was by far the best QB on the field.

With the win, Prescott extended his streak of phenomenal play to eight games. Riding an elongated wave of confidence, fans have seen a different version of their QB in terms of his on-field charisma. He's even showed a more willingness to trash-talk opponents.

While the trash-talk was kept to a minimum Sunday night, we saw Prescott get in the face of Eagles defenders on a few occasions.

In fact, new footage from the game shows Dak morph into a troll when Eagles cornerback Sydney Brown tried to rip the ball out of Prescott's hands on a QB sneak. Brown's efforts predictably were for naught. After the play was blown dead, Prescott hilariously handed the ball to Brown.

New angle shows Cowboys' Dak Prescott troll Eagles defender Sydney Brown on SNF.

This a forgotten best moment from the game.

While Prescott fumbled later in the game on a strip-sack, the two-time Pro Bowler typically has a death grip on the football. On the fumble, Prescott tried to make a play and the Eagles jarred the ball loose. More often than not defenders need the jaws of life to cause a Prescott fumble in the pocket. On a quarterback sneak, it's game over for the defense, as Brown learned the hard way.

This subtle arrogance from Prescott is a beautiful sight for Cowboys fans, and it comes after he flexed on Seahawks cornerback Tariq Woolen last Thursday.

Trailing 35-30 at the time, Prescott popped up after a scramble, shrugged his shoulders and flexed in the direction of Woolen. On the very next play, Prescott threw the go-ahead (and game-winning) touchdown to Jake Ferguson, so the MVP favorite wasted no time backing up the trash talk.

It's unclear if Prescott hurled any "big body" trash talk to the Eagles defense. Maybe this week's "Sounds from the Sideline" will be the judge of that. Nevertheless, Prescott is standing on business this year. He's as confident as ever this season and it's been a pleasure to watch him express that on the field.

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