Media won't let Cowboys' Jerry Jones win after take on 49ers

Not one to defend Jerry Jones quotes, but he did nothing wrong here.
Dallas Cowboys v Arizona Cardinals
Dallas Cowboys v Arizona Cardinals / Mike Christy/GettyImages

The Dallas Cowboys will play their biggest regular season game in recent memory this week against the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday Night Football. A matchup of this magnitude would typically provoke Jerry Jones to say something regrettable to the media, but he didn't take the bait this time around.

Don't worry, we're just as shocked as you.

In a vacuum, there isn't much separating these juggernauts. The 49ers have the playoff success, are riding a 14 game regular season winning streak and running back Christian McCaffrey seemingly has forced himself into the MVP conversation.

Many folks believe the Cowboys and 49ers are on a collision course for the NFC Championship Game, which Dallas hasn't made since 1995. Through four games, though, San Francisco looks like the most complete team in the NFL and they are currently viewed as the favorites to win the Super Bowl.

Jones conceded as much on 105.3 The Fan this week. And yet, Trey Wingo of the 33rd Team perceived Jones' comments as a shot at the Eagles.

Even when Jerry Jones says the right thing, the Cowboys owner gets ripped by the media.

"They (the 49ers) are right now, probably the most likely team to go win the Super Bowl but in order for them to get there they have to go by us, hopefully two times if that's the way it falls in the playoffs and we're in the playoffs, of course. But the bottom line is you're playing the best, you don't need the game to tell you you're playing the best, but you need the game to show you how you stack up against the best."

Jerry Jones

What exactly is Jones supposed to do here?

He'd be eviscerated if he gave the 49ers bulletin board material before Sunday night. He typically says things that amplify the pressure on the Cowboys. This wasn't one of those instances. Not by a country mile. He gave the 49ers their due respect, and Dallas' players have echoed that sentiment to the media leading up to the game.

If Jones took the road less traveled and threw some semblance of shade at San Francisco, Wingo would be on his Twitter high horse bashing the owner. The double-standard is infuriating. Jones is literally in a lose-lose situation.

Jones wasn't asked about the Eagles, whom Dallas doesn't play until Week 9. Should he have abandoned the script and waxed poetic about Philly? What message would that have sent to Fred Warner and Co. in the 49ers locker room?

Even fans in Philadelphia (hopefully) would admit the 49ers have looked the better team through four games. The Eagles are undefeated and shouldn't apologize for that, but they're not playing great football. That much is obvious.

We're not one to defend Jerry Jones quotes, but Wingo is standing on his tippy toes trying to make this nothing-burger a story.

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