Cowboys humiliate opposing fans with genius schedule release video

Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants
Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants / Ryan Kang/GettyImages

The 2024 Dallas Cowboys schedule was unveiled Wednesday night. We learned that the Cowboys will play two games apiece on Monday Night Football and Thursday Night Football. They have a brutal opening five games, but the schedule lessens up significantly over the final five weeks.

It's no secret that football fans and the general media leave no stone unturned in attempting to belittle the Cowboys.

Whether it's Tom Brady taking a cheap shot at Dak Prescott after his Fox broadcasting debut was announced or Eagles fan accounts poking fun at the Cowboys' impossibly long drought of reaching the NFC title game hours before the schedule was released, Dallas is the go-to punchline for the football world.

Clearly aware of this, the Cowboys brilliantly decided to flip the script and troll their 2024 opponents' fans in their schedule release video via prank calls. Yes, you read that right.

Cowboys humiliate opposing fans in 2024 schedule release video

This is genius on so many levels. Catching former Giants quarterback Eli Manning off-guard on the golf course might take the cake for the best reaction. Manning questioned if he had the wrong number, but he didn't. It was the Cowboys calling to inform him that the Giants play Dallas in Week 4.

The blank stares from Dak Prescott, Jerry Jones, Michael Irvin, Rowdy, Cowboys cheerleaders and guest co-stars Post Malone and TimTheTatman once the fans answered the FaceTime were priceless.

Multiple fans uttered profanities, with punctuates the raw reaction that Dallas desired. The disgusted "Yuck" from South Carolina women's basketball coach and noted Eagles fans Dawn Staley is another highlight moment. Staley couldn't make heads or tails of why she received a call and why nothing was said by the folks decked out in Cowboys attire.

Other well-known celebrities that got pranked include former NFL receivers Calvin Johnson, Chad Ochocino (while puffing a cigar) and Steve Smith, as well as content creators Jake Paul and Ninja.

These videos are arguably the main attraction of the NFL schedule release. The Cowboys don't often go all-out in search of engagement like the Chargers and other teams, but they hit a home run with this video. Sometimes, less is more.

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