Cowboys fans are more worried after Dak Prescott's troubling injury update

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles
Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles / Ryan Kang/GettyImages

The storyline around Dak Prescott's upcoming contract extension took a brief pause over the weekend after Prescott was seen in Cabo wearing a walking boot. This prompted Cowboys fans to panic while Prescott's team quickly cleaned up, telling reporters he was no longer in the boot.

While it was a real injury scare at first, Prescott's injury no longer seems severe and Cowboys fans have seen their worry subside. That is, until Prescott spoke to media and provided an update on why he was wearing the walking boot in the first place.

During the football camp he hosted on Tuesday, Prescott spoke to reporters and explained why he was in the boot. According to the star quarterback, he was simply wearing the boot as a precautionary measure after some pain arose following two hard workouts.

Little did he know, Prescott was giving an answer that should not only spark more concern for Cowboys fans but could have an impact on his current contract extension talks with the team.

Dak Prescott gives Cowboys fans more reason to worry about his injury

While Prescott was attempting to downplay the injury as simply being pain to his surgically repaired ankle, this kind of intel is not what fans should have wanted to hear. If this was merely a new, small tweak to his foot then it would be one thing. However, this is pain to an old injury that Prescott had surgery on years ago.

If Prescott is already having pain working out during the offseason to his surgically repaired ankle then what is going to happen once the season comes into swing?

Two "hard workouts" will become much more common during the season, and if Prescott has lingering pain in his ankle, it will be a problem.

Prescott seems fine and healthy now as it truly does appear like it was something small he was being precautionary with (especially with extension talks). But even with it being small, Prescott still managed to add more fear to Cowboys fans who now have to pay close attention to how much he favors that ankle throughout the entire 2024 season.

And who knows how Dallas feels through all of this? The Cowboys are going to have to give Prescott record-setting money on a new deal and if there are lingering injury concerns then Prescott may not get the contract he is looking for.

Yet another wrinkle to pay attention to during the Cowboys' 2024 season.