Cowboys fans destroy Eagles fans on Twitter amid CeeDee Lamb-AJ Brown rivalry

Dec 24, 2022; Arlington, Texas, USA; Dallas Cowboys wide receiver CeeDee Lamb (88) catches a pass
Dec 24, 2022; Arlington, Texas, USA; Dallas Cowboys wide receiver CeeDee Lamb (88) catches a pass / Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

For years, Philadelphia Eagles fans pushed the narrative that Carson Wentz is a superior quarterback to the Dallas Cowboys' Dak Prescott. We now how that turned out. Wentz is headed for a backup role and Prescott is cemented as one of 10 best players at the position.

The Prescott-Jalen Hurts discourse is now a prevalent debate topic, but the CeeDee Lamb-A.J. Brown dialogue could leapfrog it before long.

Fans have long debated whether Lamb or Brown is the better receiver. That doesn't sit right with a certain contingent of fans who'd rather let both players be great without pinning them against each other, but fan is short for fanatic and there's some fiery parley going on in the weeds of Cowboys and Eagles Twitter.

It all started when Brown replied to a tweet from PFF Fantasy Football that posed to followers whether they would take Brown or Lamb as their WR1. The Eagles star made his disdain for the comparison clear, but made an error in the process by lumping Lamb into the slot receiver group.

Lamb replied on Instagram, albeit in a docile manner, but made sure to note he's capable of dominating in the slot or outside. The second-team All-Pro did well to defend himself, but he had the backing of an angry mob of Cowboys fans who took it upon themselves to put Eagles supporters in their place.

Cowboys fans own Eagles supporters amid CeeDee Lamb-AJ Brown rivalry.

Brown might have meant no harm, but how else is Lamb supposed to take that tweet other than shade? He basically referred to Lamb as a one-trick pony while pegging himself as a receiver who can wear multiple hats within an offense.

While most of Lamb's snaps come in the slot, he played more snaps out wide in 2021 and logged 218 snaps out wide last year, per PFF.

Someone had to tell him!

Both Lamb and Brown have made a plethora of highlight-reel catches in their careers, but this undoubtedly is the best of the bunch. We'd venture to say it wasone of the best catches from any WR over the last five years, but that's neither here nor there.

Brown loves deleting tweets, but he couldn't hit the delete button fast enough this time before Cowboys fans saved the receipts.

How about a Lamb highlight compilation to finish it off?

What's that? Two-plus minutes of Lamb dominating out wide and in the slot? Cowboys fans everywhere are nodding as if that's the expectation, while Brown is likely prepping a reply tweet that he'll ultimately delete.

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