Cowboys: 3 key offensive and defensive matchups vs Jets in Week 2

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3 key offensive matchups in Cowboys vs Jets

Tyler Biadasz and Tyler Smith vs. Quinnen Williams and Quinton Jefferson

If the Cowboys want to have any chance at getting their running game going they are going to need to see Tyler Biadasz find a way to slow down Quinnen Williams in this game. Last week Williams played a major role in helping the Jets win that game with his ability to take on double teams allowing Quinton Jefferson to get in the backfield and make plays. Biadasz isn't known for handling powerful defensive tackles and Smith is coming off of a hamstring injury that kept him out for week one. The Jets are going to look to attack the middle of this offensive line to stop the Cowboys' running game and also collapse the pocket on Dak Prescott. Biadasz and Smith can't let that happen.

CeeDee Lamb and Brandin Cooks vs D.J. Reed

The Jets have one of the best young cornerbacks in the league in Sauce Gardner and the Cowboys know it too. So their matchup against D.J. Reed is going to be a crucial one if they want to move the football through the air. The Jets' decision to leave Gardner on one side of the field means the Cowboys may take shots at him, but will look to focus on attacking Reed much like the Bills did last week. The Jets will most likely slide a safety over to help Reed but with this Texas Coast offense if Lamb and Cooks are able to win quickly off the line of scrimmage, they have an opportunity to keep the chains moving and make the Jets best cover corner a non-factor.

Dak Prescott vs. Defensive Coordinator Jeff Ulbrich

Ulbrich calls a very aggressive game and knowing that he has such a strong defensive front allows him to be more creative on the back end and it showed against the Bills with Josh Allen throwing three interceptions and losing a fumble thanks to the consistent pressure. His aggressive approach is going to test Prescott's ability to read the defense and try to figure out who's going to be blitzing and who will drop back into coverage as Ulbrich likes to give a lot of different looks. If the Cowboys want to win this game, they can't turn the football over against and that's what Ulbrich is going to look to do against Prescott. , who really needs to be cognizant of where C.J. Mosley and Jordan Whitehead are.