Colin Cowherd reaches new low with Cowboys disrespect in 2023 playoff predictions

Carolina Panthers v Dallas Cowboys
Carolina Panthers v Dallas Cowboys / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

Though vexatious, it's really not crazy when the Dallas Cowboys check in behind the hated Philadelphia Eagles in 2023 previews and predictions.

The Eagles are the reigning NFC East champs, and though they endured some losses in free agency and during the head coach carousel, they atoned for those departures by re-signing several key veterans, making a savvy move for D'Andre Swift and netting great value in the draft.

While the Cowboys closed the gap on Philly this offseason, the Eagles are the class of the conference and NFC East until proven otherwise.

Even if Mike McCarthy's squad falls short in the division race, they're a virtual shoo-in for the postseason barring a catastrophic injury. The NFC itself is weak relative to the stacked AFC and Dallas is nearly universally viewed as one of the top three teams in the conference alongside the Eagles and 49ers.

FS1's Colin Cowherd doesn't see it that way, however. He has the Cowboys missing the playoffs entirely in 2023. The Eagles win the NFC East, but Cowherd has the Rams, Vikings and Saints as the NFC's three wild card teams.

Colin Cowherd predicts the Cowboys will miss playoffs in 2023

Cowherd's Cowboys agenda has blossomed over the years, but this is a level of trolling we only thought was possible for the Stephen A. Smith's of the world. LeSean McCoy is another troll-like talking head after he infamously called Dak Prescott "trash" on national television.

There's no way Cowherd actually believes this prediction.

The Eagles winning the division is fine, but in what world are the Rams and Saints making the postseason over the Cowboys?

Derek Carr admittedly is an improvement at QB, but New Orleans is headed for defensive regression after losing DT David Onyemata and LB Kaden Elliss. Further Alvin Kamara will likely miss multiple games via suspension and receiver Michael Thomas has played a combined 10 games over the last three seasons.

The Saints won 7 games a year ago and Carr has never won a playoff game. Unless Cowherd is expecting the Cowboys to hover around the 8-9 win mark, or Carr to put together a magical season, it's hard -- nearly impossible -- to envision New Orleans finishing ahead of Dallas, even in the lowly NFC South.

The Rams are markedly more talented than the Saints, but they undoubtedly have lost some magic following their 2020 Super Bowl run.

It's worth pondering if Matthew Stafford has another high-level season left in the tank following another offseason surgery, while All-Pro cornerback Jalen Ramsey is now in Miami and cap constraints forced them to release other defensive pillars Bobby Wagner and Leonard Floyd.

Whereas New Orleans is competing in the worst division football, the NFC West is home to the playoff-hopeful 49ers and Seahawks. That's four difficult games on the schedule and they'll also lock horns with other potential playoff teams in the Bengals, Eagles, Steelers, Packers, Cowboys, Browns and Ravens.

It's like Cowherd threw all of this analysis out the window just so he could antagonize a Super Bowl-hungry Cowboys fan base.

We'll revisit these predictions when the time comes and we'll face the music if Cowherd proves correct. Even then, though, it feels like he made them just to be the one guy who can say he was right if Dallas fails, or one of the Rams or Saints surprise the league.

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