Chargers fans, media ripping Kellen Moore validates Cowboys' Mike McCarthy's decision

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Remember early in the season when the Dallas Cowboys' offense couldn't make ends meet? Mike McCarthy was maddeningly hell-bent on establishing the run and Michael Gallup was still a focal point. Worst of all, CeeDee Lamb wasn't being fed like a premium WR1 and there was little (if any) pre-snap motion and shifting.

Those problems have been nipped in the bud, thanks to Mike McCarthy.

The current version of the Cowboys offense looks a lot like the Texas Coast offense that folks were adamant would elevate Dak Prescott's performance and produce more explosive plays.

Simply put, McCarthy's offense has been the best in football for two months running. His widely-panned offseason decision to take over as play-caller has aged beautifully. What has also helped that cause?

The fact that Kellen Moore has hit a wall with the Chargers offense after an admittedly promising start. The honeymoon is over.

Cowboys' Mike McCarthy thriving as play-caller, while Kellen Moore struggles with Chargers

After beating the Patriots 6-0 on Sunday, Moore's offense has now produced a lowly 16 points over the last two games, both losses. Fans and the media have taken notice and slowly grown frustrated by Moore's play-calling.

In Week 13, Moore was hell-bent on running against a stiff Patriots run defense. Austin Ekeler only received 14 carries, but Moore called several third down runs that failed, including a jet sweep to Ekeler during a two-minute drill with time running out in the first half.

It wasn't until the second half that Moore leaned on Justin Herbert and the passing game. Even then, it wasn't enough even though New England fields a bottom-tier secondary.

There's no shame in getting out-foxed by Bill Belichick, but these aren't your father's Patriots as far as personnel and talent are concerned. Not only that, but New England was shutout offensively. That should've made Moore's job easier.

Sorry, but regardless of game script Justin Herbert (assuming healthy) should never go an entire series without dropping back to pass. He also should never pilot a third-down option. Bake in the fact that Austin Ekeler has lost a step and the Chargers offensive line is leaky, and Moore's decision-making looks even worse.

There are big-time factors working against Moore. Our friends over at Bolt Beat acknowledge as much, but also admit Moore hasn't quite lived up to the hype.

Every offensive coordinator has a bad game, but second-guessing and criticism have besieged Moore after a handful of contests.

It says a lot that Prescott is an MVP favorite in McCarthy's first-year as play-caller despite being surrounded by lesser talent than he did in Moore's prime years when he had Amari Cooper, CeeDee Lamb, a functional Ezekiel Elliott and Michael Gallup, Tony Pollard, Dalton Schultz and Cedrick Wilson.

That's a testament to Prescott just as it is to McCarthy, as well as an indictment on Moore. Like we said: McCarthy's decision has aged beautifully.

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