7 free-agent moves from NFC East rivals that Cowboys fans can laugh at

The Cowboys may be quiet, but at least they're not making these moves.
Washington Commanders Introduce Dan Quinn As New Head Coach During Press Conference
Washington Commanders Introduce Dan Quinn As New Head Coach During Press Conference / Jess Rapfogel/GettyImages
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Misery loves company, right? If the Dallas Cowboys aren't going to be making a ton of moves in NFL Free Agency, they should at least be able to have a good laugh at the expense of their division rivals, who might be making some regrettable decisions.

Sometimes, the best moves are the ones you don't make, and the Cowboys would probably rather not make moves than make some of the moves their division counterparts have been making.

Which moves have been some of the worst so far?

1. Commanders signing EDGE Dorance Armstrong

It helps to have friends in high places, doesn't it? Everyone knew that the connection of Dan Quinn in Washington was going to lead to a mass exodus of Cowboys players heading to the nation's capital, but I don't know that anyone could have anticipated the amount of money some of these guys would get.

Instead of leveraging their connection to get a team-friendly price, the Commanders gave former Cowboy Dorance Armstrong a three-year deal worth $33 million and over $22 million in guarantees. That's not Danielle Hunter money, but it's also no small chunk of change for a guy who has only played over 50 percent of the defensive snaps in Dallas once in his entire career.

Armstrong's career really took off as soon as Quinn came to the Cowboys, but he was part of a deep rotation of guys at that position and was borderline playing with house money. Now, the pressure is on.