5 biggest swings the Cowboys could make at the WR position

What kinds of big swings could we see the Dallas Cowboys take at the wide receiver position?

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The Dallas Cowboys have sat on their hands long enough this offseason. Although a lot hinges on what the Cowboys are able to do with Dak Prescott's contract and albatross of a cap hit in 2024 (nearly $62 million), the Cowboys don't need to be going into the 2024 NFL Draft with a bunch of major roster needs and late picks in every round.

Maybe better stated, the Cowboys would be unwise to go into the NFL Draft with a bunch of needs on the roster. It might make it easier to peg what the Cowboys do in mock draft scenarios, but we saw in 2023 the danger of going into the NFL Draft with a bunch of needs all over the roster.

With so many departures all around the roster in 2024, the Cowboys need to have ultimate flexibility in the NFL Draft, which means they're going to need to make some moves before the draft to actually upgrade the roster. What kinds of bold moves could the Cowboys realistically make at the wide receiver position? Let's take a look at five possible scenarios.

1. Trade for Broncos WR Courtland Sutton

The NFL wide receiver market has been pretty fascinating so far this offseason. We saw the Tennessee Titans give Calvin Ridley $50 million in guarantees, and we've seen Diontae Johnson get traded in a pick swap. Keenan Allen was traded to the Chicago Bears for a 4th-round pick.

It's pretty safe to say that the market is team-friendly right now as a whole, and the Denver Broncos have been open for business. They already traded former first-round pick Jerry Jeudy for 5th and 6th-round draft picks, and Courtland Sutton could be the next one on the move.

Sutton, a former SMU star, is coming off of the best year of his pro career with 10 touchdown catches and some of the most incredible grabs you will ever see. Having Sutton would be such a huge deal for a team like Dallas to have a player that could actually take some pressure off of CeeDee Lamb.

Michael Gallup and Brandin Cooks aren't cutting it.