5 former Cowboys thriving with their new teams in 2023

Some former Dallas Cowboys players are balling out in 2023...
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The Dallas Cowboys are having a good season, and they don't really have time to be worried about the ones that got away. But you still can't help but wonder what could have been when you see certain players who used to don the star on their helmets now thriving with other NFL teams.

And so it goes in the NFL. Some players get into new (or even just different) situations and for whatever reason, something clicks. Sometimes, the Cowboys let go of good players and get burned for it. At any rate, let's look at some former Dallas Cowboys who are thriving on new or different teams now in 2023.

Former Dallas Cowboys players playing great in 2023 on new teams

5. Noah Brown, WR (Texans)

Watching Noah Brown flourish is a little more bittersweet than most loses for Cowboys fans, but it's kind of like watching one of your kids grow up and do well outside the house. You know you did right by them, even though you wish they were still around.

While you're certainly excited for Brown doing well in Houston, you can't help but wish the Cowboys had held onto him just a little bit longer. Browns has been exploding for Houston as of late, and you might be shocked at some of the numbers he's posted. He had 172 yards on seven receptions against the Cincinnati Bengals. He had 153 yards on six catches against the Buccaneers, along with a touchdown.

Brown has made contributions in all five of the games he's played, but he's really heating up lately, and he's averaging 20.9 yards per reception this season so far.