5 former Cowboys failing miserably with their new teams in 2023

A handful of former Dallas Cowboys are failing miserably on their new teams in 2023...
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There are undoubtedly a handful of former Dallas Cowboys who wish they still had the star on their helmets this season, aren't there? The grass isn't always greener on the other side for players who choose to leave, but the Dallas Cowboys have also had to make some difficult roster decisions to let guys go, and those decisions have resulted in the players struggling badly in their new spots.

At any rate, paying attention to how former Dallas Cowboys players are doing at their new stops is always interesting, but which players are failing in their new destinations?

Let's take a look at some former Cowboys across the NFL right now who are probably wishing they were back in Dallas...

Former Dallas Cowboys players failing on their new teams in 2023

1. Brett Maher, kicker

What's really crazy about Brett Maher failing miserably in 2023 is that it all started in last year's postseason. This is a veteran kicker, in a league where kickers were in high demand all offseason, who made over 90 percent of his regular season field goals last year. He made 90.6 percent of his field goals, to be exact, including a 60-yard bomb. He was 9-of-11 from 50 and beyond.

And it took Maher almost the entire offseason to get any gig in the first place. He finally landed with the Denver Broncos in a kicking competition, which he had seemingly "won". The Broncos, though, cut Maher after they made a trade for Sean Payton's old Saints kicker Wil Lutz.

Maher landed on his feet with the Los Angeles Rams, but was also cut by the Rams after making 17-of-23 attempts including just 3-of-7 from 50-plus.

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