5 former Cowboys failing miserably with their new teams in 2023

A handful of former Dallas Cowboys are failing miserably on their new teams in 2023...
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2. Cedrick Wilson, WR (Dolphins)

I think it's at least a little unfair to say that Cedrick Wilson is "miserably failing" on his new team, the Miami Dolphins, because the Dolphins have had a lot of team success and look like a true contender in the AFC.

And Wilson is in his second season in Miami, but his playing time for the Dolphins has been extremely limited.

The Dolphins almost undoubtedly didn't plan on Tyreek Hill becoming available in the 2022 offseason, but that trade really put Wilson in a tough spot. The Dolphins had already signed him to a pretty substantial contract to come in and be part of the Mike McDaniel offense, but we haven't really gotten the chance to see that vision unfold.

Wilson has just nine receptions this year, although he's made the most of his chances, averaging 16.4 yards per catch with a pair of touchdowns. But he left Dallas with the idea that he would become a much bigger part of the offense wherever he went, and that simply hasn't happened in Miami. Over the course of two seasons, Wilson has just 33 total targets and 21 total receptions.

Meanwhile, the Dallas Cowboys probably could have used Wilson at their receiver position over the last two seasons as trading away Amari Cooper has been a puzzle the Cowboys haven't really figured out. At least, not until they played the Giants this past weekend...