5 former Cowboys failing miserably with their new teams in 2023

A handful of former Dallas Cowboys are failing miserably on their new teams in 2023...
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Ezekiel Elliott, RB (Patriots)

This one is tough not only for Cowboys fans, but also undoubtedly for Jerry Jones as well. I think letting go of Ezekiel Elliott was one of the toughest things Jerry Jones has had to do in a long time, especially because we know how much Jones both loved Elliott and hates moving on from his own first-round picks.

But that decision, financially speaking, had to be made. The Cowboys needed the cap savings and Elliott had become expendable with his level of play in recent years.

And he sat in free agency for quite some time. The running back market was extremely stale over the course of the offseason, even when it featured some really big names like Elliott, Dalvin Cook, and Leonard Fournette. But Elliott finally did get a job with the New England Patriots, a team whose running back room has been a lot like a Baskin Robbins through the years.

There's 31 flavors and the Patriots never really stick with just one of them.

Elliott has just 331 rushing yards in 10 games this season and just two touchdowns. The Patriots' offense, meanwhile, has looked like one of the worst in the league. Unfortunately for the former Cowboys first-round pick, it looks like this will be a pretty clear one-and-done situation.