5 dream scenarios that would boost the Cowboys' Super Bowl odds

Dallas Cowboys v Tennessee Titans
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4. Sam Williams breaks out in year two.

Ever since the Cowboys released DeMarcus Ware in 2013, they've been trying to find a player that can disrupt the passing game on the right side of the defensive line. So far, they had eight players start at right defensive end with the most notable being Randy Gregory, Robert Quinn, Aldon Smith, Tyrone Crawford, and controversial Greg Hardy. But whether it be due to off-the-field issues, injuries, or lack of production Dallas hasn't been able to find someone they believe can hold that position down in the future.

Now with Williams coming in and showing flashes of his ability to be a disruptor opposite DeMarcus Lawrence the Cowboys are hoping his second-year leap is a big one. Williams for his part is not going to disappoint, his combination of strength and freakish athletic ability give Dallas a player that has the potential to dominate far greater than the rest of the players they currently have rotating in and out at right defensive end.