5 dream scenarios that would boost the Cowboys' Super Bowl odds

Dallas Cowboys v Tennessee Titans
Dallas Cowboys v Tennessee Titans / Andy Lyons/GettyImages
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5. The Cowboys pry Derrick Henry away from the Titans

The biggest dream scenario that we can see for the Cowboys would be finding a dominant running back that can command the respect of opposing defenses, forcing them to stack the box in order to stop him. Much like the Cowboys had with Ezekiel Elliott earlier in his career, a player like that would do far more for this offense than the changing of their offensive coordinator. That player would be Derrick Henry, his presence on this already talented Dallas roster would make this offense impossible to defend.

Stack the box to stop Henry and you leave CeeDee Lamb and Brandin Cook with one-on-one coverage and with their ability to win off the line of scrimmage you'd allow Dak Prescott to pick any secondary apart. Keep the box light and see Henry break off runs for big chunks of yards, either way you look at it this move would make this offense probably the most dangerous in the NFL and give this dominant defense even more rest that would help them on a run in the playoffs with the ultimate goal of being in and winning the Super Bowl.