5 dream scenarios that would boost the Cowboys' Super Bowl odds

Dallas Cowboys v Tennessee Titans
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3. Dak Prescott improves under McCarthy's tutelage

If you think about this one there's one thing that really stands out about McCarthy taking over play calling in Dallas and it's that this will be the first time Dak Prescott is learning a new offense, in this case, the offense being the Texas Coast offense and terminology since coming to Dallas. Kellen Moore learned under Jason Garrett and Scott Linehan and used what he learned to develop an office similar to theirs and used a lot of their terminology as well. So this is a new experience will be new for Prescott, but not for McCarthy who has been able to develop quarterbacks during his time in the NFL.

That experience and hands-on work with Prescott are going to do wonders for Prescott's ability to grasp the new offense. It also sounds like Prescott will be given more input into how the offense is run with McCarthy saying that he's asked Prescott what he likes and doesn't like in the playbook and to get rid of what he isn't comfortable with. You can believe that he will want less tight window throws and getting himself out on the move more will boost his confidence tenfold.