5 Bold predictions: Tony Pollard runs wild for Cowboys in Week 9

• Turpin gets one that's not called back

• CeeDee Lamb has a game to remember

• Tony Pollard has a breakout game

Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys
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2. Jalen Hurts throws 3 picks

In addition to being fourth in the NFL in defensive passing yards, the Cowboys are also fourth in interceptions. Even without Trevon Diggs since Week 3, they have nine picks with DaRon Bland leading the way with four while Stephon Gilmore has added two.

This should concern the Eagles since they’ve been one of the more careless teams with the football thus far. Jalen Hurts, who has never had more than nine picks in a single season, is suddenly throwing interceptions at an alarming rate. He already has eight on the season, which is one of the worst in the league — he’s currently tied for second behind Jimmy Garoppolo who has nine.

He was vastly improved last week with 319 yards and four touchdowns without a pick. But he also wasn’t pressured much since the Washington Commanders had just traded Montez Sweat and Chase Young. 

Having said that, the last time Hurts faced a good defense was in Week 6 against the New York Jets. That wound up being their only loss on the year and Hurts was rattled enough to throw three picks in the 20-14 defeat.

The Jets are actually right behind Dallas in pass defense — currently fifth in both yards and picks — plus they don’t have as deep of a pass rush. With Micah Parsons, DeMarcus Lawrence, and Dante Fowler being able to get into the defensive backfield, Hurts could find himself forcing too many passes. That’s why this bold prediction has him throwing three picks against the Cowboys.

It’s true some of the top quarterbacks in the league — including Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen are also sitting at eight, but this is still highly uncharacteristic for Hurts.