4 Cowboys who could be making their final playoff run in Dallas

Which Cowboys could be making their final playoff run for Dallas?
Dallas Cowboys
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2. Tony Pollard, RB

The Dallas Cowboys already moved on from running back Ezekiel Elliott last offseason, a move that felt like it was at least a year past due and something that was undoubtedly hard for this team to do. We know how much Jerry Jones hates to part with the former first-round picks...

But the Elliott departure in 2023 could serve as the prequel to the situation Dallas is facing with franchise player Tony Pollard in 2024. Pollard had a huge year in 2022 for the Cowboys, leading to the team giving him the franchise tag despite the injury he suffered in last year's postseason.

Pollard has proven himself in just about every possible way since coming to the Cowboys, not only as a runner and receiver but as a top-flight return player early on as well.

Despite Pollard's versatility, the Cowboys will need to critically evaluate the season that was in 2023 and figure out if this is a player they want to guarantee a bunch of money to. Not only is the running back free agent class deep, but you can typically find guys in the middle rounds of the NFL Draft (which Pollard is a prime example of) to give you great production for four years at this position.

As much as you'd love to keep this team and roster intact, could this be the final playoff run for Tony Pollard as a member of the Dallas Cowboys? I think that's very possible.