4 Cowboys who could be making their final playoff run in Dallas

Which Cowboys could be making their final playoff run for Dallas?
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This is a huge year for the Dallas Cowboys. Not that every year isn't important, but the Cowboys obviously need to take advantage of the current year, because this could be the last time the "band" is together. Dallas has assembled an all-star cast both on the coaching staff and their 53-man roster, a truly special group from top to bottom which was one of the most dominant teams all throughout the 2023 NFL season.

But all good things, as they say, must come to an end. The Cowboys need to take advantage of the position they are in as the second seed in the NFC and one of the most well-rounded teams in the league because there could be a variety of notable departures in the next couple of months.

Who could be making their final playoff run as members of the Dallas Cowboys? Let's take a look at four names to watch for.

1. Tyron Smith, left tackle

Sadly, this could be the final playoff run in Dallas for left tackle Tyron Smith. Smith has been one of the best left tackles in the league since he was drafted, but in recent years, he's struggled to stay healthy.

But when he plays? Well, the results speak for themselves...

This man simply doesn't let anyone touch Dak Prescott, plain and simple. The Cowboys got 13 regular season games out of Smith in 2023, the most they've gotten in five years, and he looks poised to play against Green Bay.

With that being said, Smith is a free agent in 2024 and the Cowboys have a lot of mouths to feed this offseason. I'm sure they'll try to find a way to bring him back into the mix, but I also wouldn't be surprised to see Dallas put those funds elsewhere and go after offensive tackle in this year's draft, or perhaps kick Tyler Smith out to left tackle and find a new left guard.

Whatever their plans going forward, it could be the end of an era with Tyron Smith at the left tackle position for Dallas, as crazy as that would be.