4 best (and 2 worst) Cowboys trades under Jerry Jones

Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants
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When Jerry Jones bought the Dallas Cowboys in 1989 he immediately faced questions. He fired the only head coach in team history Tom Landry and failed to win more than one game in his first season of owning the team. The one thing he had to cling to was taking risks in building his team.

The Cowboys have been known for making big moves since Jones took over. Some have worked, some have not.

When the team was winning Super Bowls in the mid 1990s, Jones looked at every option to keep the momentum going. If that meant adding Deion Sanders on a massive contract, he was willing to open his wallet. If it meant adding a veteran quarterback in Bernie Kosar when Troy Aikman was injured in 1993, he went and signed him. The moves paid off then, but Jones has pulled back since some moves went south.

Dallas made some big trades this offseason, but it has been a few years since Jones was willing to bring in players with resumes like Stephon Gillmore and Brandin Cooks. Some of the trades Jerry has made throughout his time have gone well, but a good amount failed.

Let us take a look back at some of the best and worst trades under Jones!