New Jerry Jones Netflix documentary will only end poorly for the Cowboys

No one in the world asked for it, but Netflix is reportedly dropping around $50 million to do a docuseries on Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.
Houston Texans v Dallas Cowboys
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It's impossible to deny that Jerry Jones is one of the most succesful men in the entire world. A self-made billionaire, Jones bought the Dallas Cowboys back in 1989 and turned them into the most visible sports franchise in America.

We also can't deny that his desire for the spotlight has constantly gotten in the way of his team's success. His need to prove he's the one pulling the strings and name himself the GM led to the departure of Jimmy Johnson and ended one of the greatest NFL dynasties prematurely.

Another not-so-endearing quality Jones possesses is a lack of self-awareness. Not only can this be seen in the fact that he allowed his feud with Johnson to last for more than 30 years, but he continues to climb into the spotlight thinking the world is soaking in his greatness — when really, they're waiting to laugh the next time he says something ridiculous like when he openly pined for "glory hole."

True to form, Jones is again putting himself out there and it will only end in misery for the Cowboys and their fans. Reports have surfaced that Netflix is paying nearly $50 million to do a docuseries on Jones and his football team.

Netflix's documentary on Jerry Jones will end poorly for Cowboys

And for anyone who thinks this will be a fun look at the franchise, realize the headlines all read Jones first, then the team. Which is exactly the way he wants it.

If you don't believe this will be a pro-Jerry propaganda piece, just read the synopsis from the NFL and Skydance Sports which says the series will show us:

"The Dallas Cowboys and the journey of Jerry Jones, the club’s owner, president and general manager, in saving and transforming the franchise, leading a historic set of players and coaches to three NFL titles in the 1990s, and searing his imprint into the global sports business landscape forever.

So Jones will show us in great detail how he saved the franchise while allowing us to revel in the imprint he placed upon the sport back in the 1990s when Blockbuster was still a media powerhouse and rotary phones were a thing but iPhones were not.

It's a docuseries no one asked for but sadly millions will watch. It just won't be for the reasons Jones thinks, and that's not good for the franchise.

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