3 players who the Dallas Cowboys will likely cut in 2024

Which players are likely going to be cut by the Cowboys in 2024
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2. Brandin Cooks, WR

Although Brandin Cooks has really been coming on as of late for the Cowboys, I think there's a decent chance he will become a salary cap casualty in the 2024 offseason. Perhaps the Cowboys would simply prefer to re-do his deal and bring him back at a reduced price, but Cooks is really in a no-man's land when it comes to his contract right now.

The Cowboys already converted $8 million of Cooks's salary into a prorated signing bonus, adding void years to his career, and with those void years already on the books, don't be shocked if Dallas tries to kick this can down the road even further, or possibly risk just losing Cooks altogether.

The Cowboys could save $8 million by making Cooks a post-June 1 cut in 2024 and between he and Michael Gallup, they could potentially save $17.5 million against next year's salary cap while also giving themselves the flexibility to reload at the position and extend CeeDee Lamb.

That's really a major motivation here as well. The Cowboys can't allocate so much cash to guys like Michael Gallup and Brandin Cooks when you have CeeDee Lamb to pay, and a contract situation with Dak Prescott to figure out as well.

Don't be surprised if Brandin Cooks is one-and-done with the Cowboys in 2023.