3 players who the Dallas Cowboys will likely cut in 2024

Which players are likely going to be cut by the Cowboys in 2024
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3. Trey Lance/Cooper Rush, QB

Cooper Rush just turned 30 and has a cap hit in 2024 of a pretty reasonable $2.875 million, but with no guaranteed money left on the deal, cutting Rush and buying into Trey Lance as the backup for the future would be an easy way for the Cowboys to save over $2 million on next year's salary cap.

Trey Lance is on a rookie deal that is fully guaranteed but also fully mobile, in that the Cowboys face no salary cap penalty if they can trade Lance away. And I think even though he's barely played, there would be teams lining up to do some kind of late-round pick swap to acquire Lance if the Cowboys were willing to part with him, which would save them more than $5 million in cap space.

I just don't think we're going to see the Cowboys keep both of these guys on the roster in 2024 with a combined cap commitment of nearly $8 million. That's not too expensive for your backup QB position, by any stretch, but it might be too much for a Dallas team that has key players hitting free agency on both sides of the ball.


I think we're going to see the Cowboys pick one or the other of Cooper Rush or Trey Lance. There's already going to be discussion all over the place about what this team will do with Dak Prescott, but I would be shocked if Prescott isn't the Cowboys' quarterback in 2024. I think the idea of him not being in Dallas is simply a pipe dream for other teams in need of a quarterback.

Dak will likely be back, but the Cowboys will find some salary cap savings by either letting go of Cooper Rush or doing a trade dump of Trey Lance.

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