3 players who the Dallas Cowboys will likely cut in 2024

Which players are likely going to be cut by the Cowboys in 2024
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The Dallas Cowboys have been rolling towards yet another playoff appearance in the 2023 season, but it's never too early to put an eye on the upcoming offseason. And for the Dallas Cowboys, it seems like there could be some writing on the wall with certain players currently on the roster who might not be around next year if their play continues the way it has.

The Cowboys are going to have to make some difficult roster decisions with some key contributors hitting free agency, including some current high-level starters for the team.

Let's take a look at some players on the Cowboys now who could be let go in the 2024 offseason to make room for the team to keep/add other players as needed.

3 players the Dallas Cowboys could cut in 2024

1. Michael Gallup, WR

At some point, the Cowboys are going to admit defeat on the investment they made in wide receiver Michael Gallup. Although it's not really Jerry Jones's style to cut players this far in advance of their contract expiring, I think the Cowboys will need that $9.5 million in cap savings they can get by making Michael Gallup a post-June 1 cut.

Everybody knows at this point that the Cowboys made a bad call when they traded Amari Cooper and re-signed Michael Gallup. That was a bad football move and it's burned the Cowboys on a number of occasions over the last two seasons. Gallup simply hasn't been able to return to the form we saw from him early on in his career.

He's making an average salary of $11.5 million and is averaging just over 32 yards per game. Not good. The Cowboys can do much, much better.