3 decisions the Cowboys might live to regret from 2024 NFL Draft

The Cowboys might have some regrets after the way the 2024 NFL Draft played out...
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The 2024 NFL Draft is over, which means it's time to complain about the moves the Dallas Cowboys didn't make.


All kidding aside, the Dallas Cowboys went into the 2024 NFL Draft in a really tough position. Trading down and getting that extra third-round pick from the Lions was a great move, but it was always going to be hard for this team to properly address all its areas of need after a really slow NFL free agency period. What decisions might the Cowboys come to regret from this draft?

1. Passing on RB Trey Benson

The Dallas Cowboys traded down in the first round, picking up an extra third-round pick from the Detroit Lions in the process. Although there's definitely the matter of positional value and prioritizing those "premium" positions like EDGE over running back, it's still an odd decision for the Cowboys to have passed on Florida State star Trey Benson for Western Michigan pass rusher Marshawn Kneeland.

If you want to get into scalding hot take territory, the decision to pass on Benson there could be an indicator that this team is eventually planning on life without Dak Prescott. If you're committed to the quarterback, you might be more likely to use that second-rounder on a running back that could help right away.

The Cowboys had a lot of areas to address in this particular draft, but passing on Benson could end up biting them down the road.