Early Cowboys 53-man roster prediction following 2024 NFL Draft

Who will make the cut to 53?
Dallas Cowboys
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The Dallas Cowboys were quiet for much of the offseason but finally added to their roster during the 2024 NFL Draft. While their inactivity in free agency was infuriating, they saved face by moving down in Round 1 and stockpiling offensive line talent.

Afterward, they landed a few undrafted free agents, including Minnesota tight end Brevyn Spann-Ford who was given a hefty guaranteed salary.

With all these additions made, let’s dive into an early 53-man roster prediction.

Quarterback (3)

Dak Prescott
Trey Lance
Cooper Rush

There’s really no change here. The same three quarterbacks from 2023 are the three in 2024. Trey Lance is sitting at No. 2 right now but that’s mainly due to a hope that the trade pays off and he can at least surpass Cooper Rush.

Dak Prescott will continue to be the catalyst for this team and hopefully, he’s going to have a new contract this summer. If not, this will be an interesting year.

Running Back (4)

Ezekiel Elliott
Rico Dowdle
Deuce Vaughn
Hunter Luepke

It wasn’t popular but the Cowboys played it right with the running back situation. It’s the most replaceable position in the league and there was no reason to overpay for someone such as Zach Moss or A.J. Dillon. They also didn’t reach in the draft, which was a win.

Bringing Ezekiel Elliott back wasn’t an awful move but they should still keep an eye on the waiver wires and listen for trade talk. They also like Rico Dowdle and Deuce Vaughn will get one more year.

Royce Freeman is absent but he might be a practice squad candidate. For now, he’s beaten out by a fullback.