3 Cowboys whose stock is plummeting before huge rematch vs Eagles

Which Dallas Cowboys are plummeting ahead of their massive Week 14 matchup with Philadelphia?
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2. DaRon Bland, CB

"Hey what are you talking about? DaRon Bland is arguably the defensive player in the entire NFL this year! He's got 800 interceptions and an NFL record five returned four touchdowns! I won't allow any DaRon Bland slander!"

It's true, DaRon Bland has been mostly outstanding for the Dallas Cowboys this season, but even with an interception off of Geno Smith last Thursday, Bland's stock arrow is pointing down heading toward a matchup where he will undoubtedly have to go up against AJ Brown and DeVonta Smith after getting absolutely shredded by the Seahawks' talented group of receivers.

Similar to Trevon Diggs, DaRon Bland is a bit feast or famine at times when it comes to his style of play. Of course, he's very aggressive in making plays on the ball, and he gets his hands on the ball a lot. Not only does he have eight interceptions this year (and 13 interceptions and counting in his first two NFL seasons), but Bland also has 14 passes defensed in 2023.

He's also allowed 12.4 yards per completion and four touchdowns. Teams are not overly afraid to throw his direction, even though it can result in disaster for them, because he does give up yardage in big chunks. There's no better example of that than with what we saw against the Seattle Seahawks.

Bland was routinely getting burned by Seahawks receivers and there was a sequence at the end of the first half where he was targeted and beat on three consecutive plays in a goal-to-go situation.

The Cowboys are going to need Bland to be on top of his game in order to beat the Eagles and their stud receivers.